Body Bios is an ongoing project which examines, through a series of performances, the relationships between the performers at a social level. Performers are acting individually and at the same time affecting the roles of each other under a confine framework which is set through the use of technology. The four dancers are influencing each other, controlling each other, motivating each other and rejecting each other. The control of sound is in real-time through a wireless motion capture technology as well as through fixed positions on the floor. Through the technology the dancers interact and create the sounds

Performed at ETHAL, Limassol, Cyprus 21 December 2012 by the aRttidute Dance Group

Text: Maria Ioannou
Choreographer: Evi Panagiotou
Music-Sensor Design: Tychonas Michailidis
Dancers: Valentinos Steliou, Andria Vassiliou, Nicole Konstantinou, Stephani Makri