Wall(ing) - July 2017

site-specific performance, within the framework of Nea Kinisi Summer Festival 2017

-Is that it?
-No. That’s a wall.
-It could be disguised.
-You’re not very good at looking for things, are you?
-I’m good at looking for walls. Look, I found another one.
Derek Landy

Choreography - Evi Panayiotou (in collaboration with the dancers)
Dramaturgy - Maria Α. Ioannou
Dancers - Nicole Constantinou, Julia Brendle, Ivi Hadjivassiliou, Stephanie Papadopoulou, Katerina Tylliridou, Christiana Ploutarchou, Andria Michaelidou.
Starting Point: 100 metres west of Yellow Cafe at Molos area, Limassol

TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_referrer=watch&video_id=_SBU2UcQGOo